Dead Zone


Closed Dead Zone  v.2.4

The year is 2016. Laboratory x54 creates a mystery virus that turns people into mutants. An agent named John is sent to the lab to find out about what happened there. Along the way he lost contact with his partner.

QuickOPT  v.4 26

QuickOPT is a program for automatic optimization of sheet shearing. This program will minimize material waste and also keep track and reuse material offcuts.


PID Controller  v.1. 1. 2000

PIDWell provides six structures of universally used PID controllers. 1. General PID Controller 2. PID Controller with Integration Separation 3. Anti-Windup PID Controller 4. PID Controller with Partial Differential 5. PID Controller with

Carrier Command Gaea Mission  v.1.0

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is a breathtaking combination of action game with strategic elements set in a vast detailed archipelago.

Page Flip Book Desert Style  v.1.0

Today's free template pack for flipbook maker pro is the Desert style. There are some places on the earth where they are extremely hot at day time and very cold when at night.

Comboox  v.1.0

Comboox is an exciting and colorful new puzzle game that introduces 2 game modes and funny gameplay!

Time Zone Helper  v.3.5

See an email's time zone and current time with just one click, and generate a time zone chart with one more click! Don't wake your boss at 3am! Time Zone Helper lets you set up different time zones for the people you talk to across the world.

Multi Zone Audio Player  v.

Multi Zone Audio Player is the perfect solution for any type of public venue which needs to have different audio playlists for each area of the establishment. Everything can be controlled and configured from a single, centralized location.

Star Trek The Neutral Zone  v.2.0

Star Trek The Neutral Zone 1 is an independent Star Trek game. It is a battle simulator with elements of an arcade game. The game was actually somebody's first attempt of creating a multiplayer game, and that is why it is so basic.

Blast Zone  v.1.0

In the science fiction single player adventure game, Blast Zone, an alien being named D-Tox has been condemned to death for 'human-liking'.

NTP Time Zone Clock  v.3.0

Running on your PC this NTP Time Zone Clock will show you the local time of over 300 cities around the world. Simply select the cities you want to display the local time and they will be displayed on your desktop.

Karen's Zone Manager  v.

Karen's Zone Manager is a program that can be used to set direct accesses to different time zones on your system. This tool will be of great help for the people who travel a lot and find it difficult to match up with the changing time zones.

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